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Hypnobabies Asheville

Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis - hypnobirth at its best!

Peaceful, relaxing pregnancy.
Shorter, easier, more comfortable births.
Complete childbirth education classes in the Asheville area.

Also serving western NC, SC upstate, and Tri-State TN areas.

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Meet Hypnobabies

Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis uses the same medical hypnosis techniques that people use when preparing for surgery without any drugs, which is called hypno-anesthesia. We teach real, medical-grade somnambulistic hypnosis techniques, which some might call “hypno-birthing”. Using our hypnosis tools, our Hypno-Parents are able to experience an automatically peaceful, relaxing and more comfortable pregnancy, a calm confident Birth Partner, and an easier, much more comfortable natural birthing for our participants.


Hypnobabies offers a 6-week birth class for expectant parents. The course is also follows a comprehensive childbirth education curriculum that covers everything from prenatal health to planning for after the baby arrives. In addition to group classes, Hypnobabies also offers private classes, home-study courses, and many hypnosis tracks for purchase individually. 

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Natural Childbirth Classes & More

Home-Study Course

Advanced hypnobirthing techniques and our self-paced, evidence-based childbirth course

Online Store

Shop all Hypnobabies MP3s for pregnancy and beyond

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I was able to enjoy the birth of my first born, the way I always imagined it. The whole experience was everything I had hoped for.

First Time Birther Nesa

It was truly THE most wonderful and relaxed birth that I could ever imagine. I knew I could do it and I did!

VBAC Birther Christina

I could feel the baby coming closer with each wave. Craziest thing is how rational I was able to be, I didn’t feel out of control.

Hypno-Birther Rachel

I feel like a Rock Star, and think I accomplished the most amazing thing I might ever do!

Twins Birther Morgan

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