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Hypnobabies FAQs

Answering Your Questions


What is hypnosis?

"Many people think hypnosis is like the stage hypnosis shows they’ve seen where people seem to be unable to control themselves, act goofy and provide entertainment for the audience. In reality it is a state of focused concentration where the body and mind relax together.


Hypnosis is very simply: a natural state of mind in which the body and mind are extremely relaxed and yet the mind is also highly aware and focused.


We are all in states of hypnosis many times a day automatically, so hypnosis is a very normal state of being that along with it’s ability to provide emotional and physical healing, has been widely and successfully used within the medical community for pain relief and hypno-anesthesia.”

-- Scott Sandland, Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist 


More about Hypnosis


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Comfortable birth sounds too good to be true, right? 

I thought the same thing until I experienced an awesome birth myself in 2015 and again in 2020 using Hypnobabies. My experience and the thousands of moms who swear by the methods are why I am so passionate about sharing this with others. 

70-75% of Hypnobabies moms report feeling "very comfortable", feeling mostly pressure, tightening or mild cramping sensations during their birth.


We encourage our students to share their birth stories. Pick a category and enjoy learning how our Hypno-families chose, learned, practiced and used Hypnobabies to create their own joyful births.

Explore our Hypnobabies Birth Stories

Hypnobabies offers a home-study and group classes. What is the difference?

Our Hypnobabies Home-Study Course has being used with great success by thousands of mothers all over the world; anywhere English is spoken. It contains all of the basic Hypnobabies natural childbirth curriculum, hypnosis scripts and cues. However, we do suggest that anyone who lives near one of our instructors take our Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis group class or Home Study Advantage class with a certified Hypnobabies Instructor (HCHI) since our classes are so comprehensive and detailed! 

The benefits of attending a group Hypnobabies Class include:

  • More detailed information on every subject.

  • Your questions answered by our instructors who are knowledgeable about childbirth, and trained in hypnosis.

  • Additional handouts.

  • 5 Hypnobabies scripts in a booklet for use in daily Hypnobabies practice.

  • Demonstrations of all Hypnobabies hypnosis techniques.

  • Depth assessment of each student’s hypnosis levels by the Hypnobabies instructor.

  • Phone consultations with your Hypnobabies Instructor.

  • Prenatal exercise demonstration and practice.

  • Hands-on training for Birth Partners, who receive a “Birth Partner’s Guide” booklet for use during birthing, and the Birth Partner’s “Relax & Feel Confident” hypnosis audio track.

  • In-depth explanations, demonstrations and practice of the “Abdominal Lift & Tuck” to avoid back labor and to encourage a posterior baby to turn.

  • Optimal Fetal Positioning explanations and demonstrations to prevent posterior presentation.

  • A Birth Rehearsal in Class # 6, which is invaluable for helping each Hypno-Mom fully understand and experience their Hypnobabies techniques in a simulated birthing scenario; complete with Birth Balls, changing positions, walking etc. The Birth Rehearsal is also great practice for the Birth Partner to use his deepening cues and other techniques that help the mom so wonderfully during labor. This helps build the confidence level of Mom and the Birth Partner tremendously.

  • New Mother & Baby Care information, which includes postpartum care, new baby care, breastfeeding, bonding and more.

Read the full course outline

Read more about taking an online group class

If you choose the home-study course, you can choose to book a Hypnobabies “Home Study Advantage” class, which supplements your Hypnobabies Home Study Course. This is a private Hypnobabies session with a Certified Hypnobabies Instructor that provides you and your Birth Partner with detailed information on using your Hypnobabies “transformation”, “pushing” and “using hypnosis for medical procedures” techniques. The Home Study Advantage class also covers the role of the Hypno-Birth Partner in pregnancy and childbirth, and allows you to practice your hypnosis cues and techniques in a real Hypnobabies Birthing Rehearsal.

When should I begin taking the class?

Most expectant families begin the class between 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy, which leaves plenty of time to practice before baby's birth.   


Some take classes early in their pregnancy, and practicing Hypnobabies helps them to be relaxed, comfortable and confident for the rest of their pregnancies. If someone wants to start early, they need to understand that they will be practicing her Hypnobabies hypnosis (audio tracks, scripts, etc.) every day until baby is born, and they can then decide if that's what works best for them. Anna is happy to talk to families trying to make the best decision for their circumstance and timing. 

Want reimbursement for attending Hypnobabies class?

Remember to check with your Insurance Carrier – some companies will cover the cost of childbirth classes! The insurance CPT code for childbirth classes is: S9436. You may also need this: Diagnosis code Z32.2, which is for childbirth education. Some Hypno-families have used their Flexible Spending Accounts for their Hypnobabies classes too, so make sure and check out yours!

Who should attend class with me?

The person who will be supporting you through birth is perfect to learn with you. We provide detailed, comprehensive training for our Birth Partners by providing them their own Birth Partner’s hypnosis recording for a calm and confident attitude towards pregnancy and childbirth, and their own detailed Birth Partner’s Guide booklet for labor, which allows them to fully learn and feel confident about their role in the preparation for baby’s birth as well as easily supporting the birthing person during birth. This includes 4 pages of verbal birthing cues which keep the birthing person in hypnosis during first stage, transition, beginning to push, the pushing phase as well as tools for remaining calm, relaxed, confident and comfortable in between contractions.

Hypnobabies can also be very successfully used by single parents or those whose partners will not be participating in their birth preparation process. We have specific information and support for single participants to make their Hypnobabies journey easier and more fulfilling. All of our Hypno-anesthesia techniques can be easily learned, practiced and used alone, or with a Birth Partner or doula. 


Your doula is welcome to attend classes as part of your birth team. 

Do you have a discount for Hypnobabies online store? 

Yes! Use code peace828 in the Hypnobabies online store for 10% off. The online store is where you can purchase the Home Study course and many great extra hypnosis tracks for pregnancy, birth, and beyond. 

Are there doulas in the area who are familiar with Hypnobabies?

Yes! Browse our full list of certified Hypno-Doulas in your area

Have more questions not listed here?

Give Anna a call or send a message! Join our Facebook Support Group to learn more and receive great tips for your birth. 

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