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Beyond Word of Mouth: Hospital Data You Deserve to Know Before Birth

One of the very first choices any pregnant person will make is who to receive care from. Each OBGYN, family physician, and midwife is linked to a specific location where their patients give birth -- a hospital, free-standing birth center, or even your own home. In western North Carolina, our community offers many great choices.

Join any local Facebook group for moms and you will find hundreds of recommendations and stories on prenatal care and birth experiences. While word of mouth stories are very important, don't let that be your only data source for making informed choices for your birth.

Remember that it is also important to know the details of the facility that you plan to give birth at. You are a patient of both your care provider and the facility, which may have its own policies that affect your options for birth. This is important data for crafting your birth preferences should you want to avoid unnecessary interventions.

Take a look at the most recent cesarean section and episiotomy data from the top 5 maternity hospitals in the Asheville area. The LeapFrog Hospital Survey Results are the gold standard program for public reporting of hospital safety, quality, and resource use. Find all data at

Remember, any intervention (including c-sections and episiotomies) can be life-saving and empowering if you are fully informed and consent to the procedure. If you are curious about a natural birth experience or just want to know more about all of your birth options, I encourage you to continue doing your homework.

Read our birth stories from real Hypno-Moms who give birth in a variety of settings. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn about how Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis can help you prepare for an easier and more comfortable birth.

I invite you to contact me, Anna Hoy, your local certified Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor, at or by phone at 828-333-7183 to discuss class options or to sign up for an upcoming class.


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